Public relations firms charge for their services in much the same way as most other professional service firms.  The basis for the fee is time and effort spent on behalf of the client, plus expenses.  There are several options for billing for services:

Fixed Monthly Fee

We agree on an amount and a scope of services.  Your organization pays a fixed fee each month, billed in advance.  The fee will be reviewed every six months to determine if any adjustments are needed based on use of services. 

Minimum Monthly Fee

We may establish a minimum monthly fee for our services based on the number of hours per month we estimate will be spent on your behalf. This minimum is billed in advance monthly, then the firm charges their time against that minimum based on hourly rates.  If the hours worked exceed the monthly minimum fee, the client’s next bill will include the cost of the previous month’s additional time.

Project Fees

Services for a one-time project may be provided for a specific set fee, which is agreed on by your organization, plus expenses.

Regardless of the arrangement, we will develop a letter of agreement outlining fees and expenses. A successful relationship is based on a clear understanding of contract responsibilities, full information sharing and mutual respect and trust.

Adapted from the Counselor's Academy, Public Relations Society of America


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